The Fat Rat Race

Nathan Aldrich MONROETON, PA…..The Open Racing Challenge Series contested The Fat Rat Race at the Hill Speedway Friday night honoring Larry Dilello with a strong 14 car field. Cars from multiple different divisions competed including 4 cylinders, Pure Stocks and Street Stocks. Heat wins were captured by Steven Deinhardt and Gene Sharpsteen.

With 30 laps on the board Deienhardt and Sharpsteen dropped the hammer with Deinhardt pulling ahead and a three wide battle between Sharpsteen, Jon Carpenter and Mike Morse quickly developing for second. As the trio stuck close throughout the first lap, Shaprsteen grabbed the frontstretch wall allowing Carpenter and Morse to pull ahead. A lap 3 yellow saw Carpenter slowing on the backstretch and heading pitside and gave the crowd its first view of the choose cone for the night. The Delaware Double style choose start put Deinhardt on his own row, electing to block the outside for the restart. With the green flag once again gracing the air, Deinhardt leapt ahead. A tangle at the rear of the field slowed the pace as the field worked through some early struggles. With the infield tractor tires seeing some action on lap 6 the running order would see Deinhardt in the lead, with Morse, Gene Sharpsteen, Earl Zimmer, and Cole Burgess rounding out the top 5. Deinhardt again pulled out ahead on the restart as Morse began to build momentum on the top side of the speedway. Carpenter had made his run back through the field by lap 8 taking the fifth spot from Burgess. By lap 9 Deinhardt held a full straight away lead and began to work lapped traffic. Gene Sharpsteen and Zimmer swapped the third spot as the race approached halfway with Shaprpsteen using the lapped machine of Glenn Aumick to take away Zimmer’s inside line. By lap 17 Carpenter had added his hat to the mix, putting the pressure on Zimmer and taking over the fourth spot down the backstretch. By lap 20 Deinhardt had begun to lap cars in the top10. Disaster struck for second running Mike Morse on lap 21 as he slowed to a stop down the front stretch. Morse was the points leader coming into the event. Sharpsteen and Carpenter would battle hard for the second spot through lap 22 with Carpenter securing the spot on the frontstretch. Burgess would work past Rich Sharpsteen for the sixth spot the same lap. With five to go Zimmer would try to work the outside of Thomas Moon but would run out of laps trying to make the pass as Deinhardt collected the checkered flag,

Carpenter, Gene Sharpsteen, Moon and Zimmer rounding out the top 5. Feature winner Steven Deinhardt’s first purchased Street Stock was the last car Larry had built. The 16 year veteran is undefeated in O.R.C.S. events and favors the passing point format used in the heat races. With 2 four cylinders starting in front of a pair of street stocks Deinhardt said his heat was fun but hairy. He collected the longest haul bonus making the 94 mile trek to follow the series. With the O.R.C.S. quickly becoming known for some wild trophies i asked Steven which was his favorite so far. He still favors the Hammer from the first Unruly Race but says they have all been memorable. Steven would like to thank his Wife Mindy, Jake Ingham, Jimmy Zacharias, his crew, TPH Construction, DIG Race Products, Smith Logging, Deckelman Trucking, Bosket Bros Bluestone, EZREB, Mr. Leak and MR Grafix. Thomas Moon collected the Hard Charger bonus and said it was a new experience running the DOT tires. With the choose rule shaking up the pack and giving some guys chances to quickly gain track position on restarts Thomas said it was cool to watch drivers try to fake each other out. He planned on having to run the high side but was pleasantly surprised to find a clear path down low. He would like to thank his Girlfriend Amber, Crew Chief Kyle, family, and sponsors: Nanna’s Country Kitchen, Cuz Excavating, Cuz Concrete, Bryan’s meat cutting, CT Logging, TLP Logging, CB Earthworks, J+M Auto Glass, Victory Church, Spalding Performance, Lamphere’s Truck Parts, Whipper Hill Consulting, Ames Small Engine Repair, Good Relations, SGS, Brandolini the body man, CT Graphics and Fusares Soda Blasting. O.R.C.S. action will resume at Bethel Motor Speedway on July 16th for the Ron Hills Memorial Race. Results for

The Fat Rat Race


2.) J12-Jon Carpenter 3.) 7-Gene Sharpsteen 4.) 51-Thomas Moon 5.) 83T-Earl Zimmer 6.) 89-Cole Burgess 7.) 5A-Rich Sharpsteen 8.) 18X-Erick Williams 9.) 21S-Rick Sinsabaugh 10.) 11A-Glenn Aumick 11.) 21-Mike Morse 12.) 85-Abe Romanik 13.) 14-Shawn Gowin 14.) 35-Justin Hall